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It's a terrific time of year to locate a good price on a lawn mower, and one of the best ways to save money is to buy a used one. Fat inventories can result in additional savings when shops are stocking up on new models. There is more to lawn maintenance than just mowing, but a quality lawn mower is essential.. Here are the best lawn mower deals you can currently get your hands on, and we'll be updating this list as soon as new deals become available.

Sun Joe Cordless Lawn Mower — $129, was $180

Why buy


  • It's a great mower for a beginner

  • Gas or oil isn't required

  • Compact, environmentally friendly

When it comes to lawn mowing, the Sun Joe cordless lawn mower is an excellent place to start if you've got a small to medium-sized yard and want to be more environmentally conscious. If you've never mowed a lawn before, this is an excellent choice for a first lawn mower, and our comprehensive guide on mowing a lawn can help you get started.

An eco-friendly, totally cordless lawn mower with a 14-inch steel blade makes a clean, crisp path in a single pass with precision. Using the three-position manual height control, you can quickly and easily adjust the height of your lawn. In the event that you and your adolescent or partner share the responsibility of maintaining the lawn, this is an ideal mower.

When using the Sun Joe cordless lawn mower, cuttings are collected in an easy-to-detach 10.6-gallon bag for easy disposal. Lithium-ion batteries are long-lasting, rechargeable and can mow 10,000 square feet on a single charge, making it the most convenient way to maintain your lawn.

Greenworks 20-Inch Battery Powered Lawn Mower — $249, was $399

Why Buy


  • Gas or oil isn't required

  • 3-in-1-functionality

  • Greenworks' lawn tool set includes an environmentally friendly version of this feature.

Alternatively, the 20-inch lawn mower from Greenworks is a fantastic push mower. It's also a green choice because it's powered by a 40-volt battery. In addition to that, this mower has a cutting deck that is 20 inches, making it ideal for medium-sized lawns or those that measure less than half an acre. Bagging, mulching, and side discharge are all options on this 3-in-1 mower.

As a result of its small weight, the GreenWorks 20-inch lawn mower may be used by anyone. Cordless mowers don't require oil changes, air filter replacements, or gasoline refills, so you can get to work right away with this mower. A gas-powered lawnmower's performance isn't compromised because it's an electric mower.

As part of Greenworks' flagship product range, this lawn mower is part of the company's ecosystem of hardware products. Other Greenworks power tools can be charged and used with the accompanying battery and charger. The Greenworks flagship product line contains more than 40 lawn tools, all of which are excellent lawn care goods to keep your yard healthy, making it an excellent choice for anyone wishing to build up a tool set in addition to acquiring a new lawn mower.


Yard Machines 3-in-1 Gas Push Mower — $269, was $299

Why Buy


  • Powerful, yet also nimble.

  • Drive system that utilizes a push rod

  • Positions for six cuts

  • with the ability to do three things at once

The Yard Machine 3-in-1 gas-powered push mower is an excellent choice if you require more power than an electric mower can provide. With a 21-inch cutting deck, this mower is ideal for small to medium sized lawns and is easy to use. If your lawn has any degree of slope, or if you're dealing with particularly challenging terrain, a gas-powered lawnmower is a worthwhile investment.

In addition to mulching, bagging, and side discharge, the Yard Machine gas push mower offers a three-in-one cutting deck. It boasts 7-inch wheels up front and 8-inch wheels at the back for a more fluid ride and easier maneuverability. Another fantastic feature is the quick, dual-lever height adjustment, which provides six distinct cutting settings that may be adjusted dependent on the type of grass.

Aside from powering the blade, the 140cc engine also kicks in to power the drive system, so there's no need to spend your weekend pushing the lawn mower around. The Yard Machine 3-in-1 gas push mower is powerful, efficient, and inexpensive. It will help you have the best lawn on the street.


Black Max 150cc Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower — $319, was $359

Why Buy


  • Self-propelled

  • Quick to assemble, easy to get going

  • Extra-large back wheels

  • In total, there are six grass-cutting modes.

It's always a good idea to know how to bring your yard back to life after a long, cold winter. To help you get started, we recommend the Black Max 150cc self-propelled gas mower. Because it's self-propelled, mowing your lawn is a lot less of a chore, freeing you up to do other things on the weekend or on your lawn that you enjoy more.

The Black Max's easy start system makes mowing the grass even more convenient. No priming or choking is required; all you have to do is pull the starter cord and you're ready to begin. You can mulch, bag, or side discharge your lawn with a 3-in-1 cutting deck and 11-inch rear wheels, thanks to this mower's front-wheel drive and 3-in-1 cutting deck.

With a dual-lever height adjustment system, the Black Max 150cc self-propelled lawn mower can cut at six different heights. When you're done mowing, your lawn will look precisely how you want it to because it can handle a variety of grasses and terrains.

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